Space Planning

Space Planning.

Action Office Interiors knows that not all offices or businesses are the same. That is why each customer is encouraged to speak to one of our sales members for an official needs assessment. We will, in consultation with you, assess the needs of your situation and form an outline to assist in your purchase. We are mindful of all aspects of your project and will take into consideration existing furniture, asthetic appeal, current floor space and any additional information you may have.

Action Office Interiors furnish offices for our clients according to their individual tastes and styles.

After your needs assessment is complete, Action Office Interiors goes into even greater detail with our space planning and design services.

Space Planning Whether you are using your existing space, or planning a new area, Action Office Interiors can design a workable solution for you.
All aspects of your space will be considered, including door and window placement and any IT requirements. (Computers, phones, electrical wiring)

Space Planning Space Planning

Once your needs are assessed and your space planning is in process, we can provide you with computerized 2D and 3D drawings, using our GIZA design program. We will work together with you, or an outside interior design firm, to ensure that the selected styles and colors will coordinate with your space.