Product White Papers.

Workplace Trends
Trends in the workplace are central to the development of solutions that our customers need now and in the future. We perform research into these trends via a variety of primary and secondary research that generates insights that feed directly into new products, services and information that can be used to enhance the workplace. We are constantly learning more about what enhances the work environment for those that use, purchase, plan and manage the work place and have incorporated some of those findings into summaries below.

Managing Multiple Generations in the Workplace
The labor force is aging, with a projected median age of the labor force to exceed 40 years of age by the year 2010 and the first college education Gen Y's began entering the workforce as early as 2001. This article explores some of the workplace implications and strategies.
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Let's Get Together: Developing Collaborative Areas
This was originally published in the June 2006 issue of IIDA's Perspective Magazine.
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General Ergonomics Topics

Allsteel Ergonomics and Design Guide (3/06)
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Handbook on design criteria for ergonomic seating and workstations.

Other White Papers

Ergonomics of Video Terminal Displays (1997)
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Common problems occuring from increased VDT use in the workplace. Includes workstation design and solutions to increased health issues from computer use.

GS Research Environment
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Creating and facilitating a healthy learning environment.

GS Research Learning Styles.
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Overview of current theories behind different learning styles.

IFMA Tech Report (2005)
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Overview of different types of modern wireless systems. Speaks to issues, implementation, and considerations for creating a wireless facility.

Systems White Papers

Reach Ergonomic Benefits
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Ergonomic features and benefits of the Reach workstation tested using innovative Motional Analysis technology.

Seating White Papers

Relate Ergo message on Pivoting Back (1/08)
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Research relevant to pivoting back.

Relate Ergo message on Quick Tension Lever
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Paper that reviews the Quick Tension lever.

Sum AutoFit Exec Summary (3/04)
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Development behind the Sum Chair's engineered film that has low permeability and high toughness.

Sum Ergo Review Rani Lueder (6/04)
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Research relevant to movement and the implications for sitting and seating. Why is movement important? Why aren't all movements equal? Selected seat design considerations.

Sum Ergonomic Story
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The story behind the smart lumbar. How the technology in the Sum chair promotes an open body posture, creates an optimal pressure distribution across the back, and allows for optimal work targeting in any posture.

Sum Ergonomics of Motion
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Smart ergonomic features of Sum help to minimize occurance of improper adjustments and allow the user to keep a healthy, supported posture.

Sum Ergonomics of Sitting
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Importance of postural support and promotion of movement.

Sum Features and Benefits
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The features and benefits of the innovative technology in the Sum chair.

Sum Work Targeting White Paper
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Some chairs cause workers to lose their line of sight with their computer screen when they recline. This paper compares different ergonomic office chairs, showing the advantages of chairs with work targeting.

Workspace Ranges of Motion
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Technical overview of understanding the functions and limitations of human joint range of motion as well as possible health risks.