Storage Solutions.

Practical, reliable and reasonably-priced, our files are a full offering solutions that meet almost any need, integrate seamlessly with panel systems, complement a range of interior designs, and are easy on the bottom line.


Lateral Files
Lateral Storage
It's "Grand Central Organization Station" with our 800 Series lateral files - everything a busy office needs to get organized and stay that way. Flexible combinations of lateral files and storage cabinets hold books, binders, reference materials and personal items, and tolerate heavy daily use.
2, 3, 4 & 5 Drawer Combinations

30", 36", & 42" widths
Lateral Storage


Vertical Files
Vertical Storage
Think "up", not "out" when you need to store a lot of files and paperwork. Vertical files provide the most efficient approach to maximum storage capacity with a minimal footprint. Archive all your files, and still have plenty of floor space in the office.
2 & 4 Drawer Combinations

Legal & Letter Widths



Maximize your storage.


High Density Storage

Store double the amount of material in the same footprint as conventional shelving, or reduce the space you require for your materials by up to 50%.

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High Density Storage